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How Cross-Site WebSocket Hijacking could lead to full Session Compromise

November 27, 2014

WebSockets is an HTML5 feature providing full-duplex communications channel over a single TCP connection. This enables building real-time applications by creating a persistent connection between the browser and the server. The most common use case for Websockets is when adding a chat functionality to a web application. This image below… Read More

Malware Analysis

October 16, 2014

Issue System Administrator finds a suspicious dll running named as “COM APPLICATION SUPPORT.DLL” and raises a security concern. Static Analysis We started the analysis by loading the file to check for any known packers. The output of the tool suggested against any such packers as shown below. Loading the file… Read More

Abusing Oracle's CREATE DATABASE LINK privilege for fun and profit!

July 8, 2014

Oracle database (like any other database) offers functionality to create a database link via which you can connect to a remote database. You can then run a SQL Query on the remote database and get the results. This is exactly like the Openrowset/Openquery feature of MS-SQL. CREATE DATABASE LINK local… Read More

Pentesting Web Service with anti CSRF token using BurpPro

July 2, 2014

Recently we encountered a scenario where we were pen-testing a web service endpoint which employed a per request session-id which acted like a anti-CSRF token. This meant that a fresh id was issues for each request. If the session id was not correct in next request then user was logged… Read More

SqliLab CTF, Wrap Up!

April 21, 2014

As you would have noticed from the noise on twitter and other channels, the 2nd public CTF was a major success. Over 3000 registrations, ~7K unique IPs, 7 GB of log (in 3 days) and heaps of fun. As with anything, we had some un-wanted visitors, who tried to take… Read More