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Achieving DevSecOps using AWS Cloud Native Services

In our previous article Achieving DevSecOps using Open-Source Tools we explored what “DevSecOps” really meant and how that can be achieved using simple Open-Source tools integrated into an existing DevOps pipeline orchestrated with Jenkins and deployed on docker in an ad hoc on-premises architecture. In this article Rohit Salecha and… Read More

Exploiting ViewState Deserialization using Blacklist3r and YSoSerial.Net

In this blog post, Sanjay talks of various test cases to exploit ASP.NET ViewState deserialization using Blacklist3r and YSoSerial.Net. Blacklist3r is used to identify the use of pre-shared (pre-published) keys in the application for encryption and decryption of forms authentication cookie, ViewState, etc. We discussed an interesting case of pre-published… Read More

Exploiting SSRF in AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In this blog, Sunil Yadav, our lead trainer for “Advanced Web Hacking” training class, will discuss a case study where a Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability was identified and exploited to gain access to sensitive data such as the source code. Further, the blog discusses the potential areas which could… Read More

Project Blacklist3r

TL;DR The goal of this project is to accumulate the secret keys / secret materials related to various web frameworks, that are publicly available and potentially used by developers. These secrets will be utilized by the Blacklist3r tools to audit the target application and verify the usage of these pre-published… Read More