Penetration Testing

A Different Model

Our world is about breaking technology and teaching the world about it. Our founders have been in the market a long time and saw the need to make our work together fun, engaging and “NotSoFormal”, personal yet with significant capability.

We Engage

Its about trust, collaboration and being personal. We work collaboratively with teams who understand the value in treating Penetration Testing as a partnership and team effort.

Work in Teams

We use a multi-teamed approach; different skills for different parts of the job – just like the organized criminals do.


We stripped away ALL distractions; it leaves time to be responsive to testing requirements.

Non Corporate

We are known for being practical, to the point and relationship oriented.

We hope that you find this approach a refreshing alternative to the general approach of providers in the market. We have created this model because it builds trust, shares knowledge and makes engagements very effective.

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