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With a focus on Application Testing, mobile device & platforms, Infrastructure Testing and Database Security but also in how engagements are constructed and a focus on personal relationship combining – the best of technology and a relationship-driven approach.


World-class Training; Security Conferences, Public Classes & Bespoke Onsite


A suite of world-class training courses comprised of;

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking (launched at BlackHat Las Vegas ’15)

AppSec for Developer (secure coding & offensive app testing)

Offensive loT Exploitation

Advanced Mobile Exploitation


Latest Course Released from BlackHat 2015


The largest Hacking Training this year at BlackHat, Advanced Infrastructure Hacking is a 4-5 day (subject to requirement) of intensive training in Windows, Linux, VLAN hopping, VolP et al hacking.


January 2016 –

BlackHat Trainings USA 2016 – announces NotSoSecure hacking training classes

January 12 2016 –

Fast Lane Announces Global IT Security Training Partnership with NotSoSecure

December 2 2015 –

QA announces partnership with NotSoSecure to strengthen its cyber security training portfolio

November 10 2015 –

Trofi Security and NotSoSecure Partner to Enhance Penetration Testing Practice

October 19 – 21 2015

Ruxcon –

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking Training, Melbourne Australia – October 2015

November 10-13 2015

BlackHat – Advanced Infrastructure Hacking Training 12-day fast-paced version), Amsterdam, November 2015.


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Advanced Infrastructure Hacking

AppSec for Developers

Offensive IoT Exploitation

Advanced Mobile Exploitation