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With a focus on Application Testing, mobile device & platforms, Infrastructure Testing and Database Security but also in how engagements are constructed and a focus on personal relationship combining – the best of technology and a relationship-driven approach.


World-class Training; Security Conferences, Public Classes & Bespoke Onsite


A suite of world-class training courses comprised of;

Advanced Infrastructure Hacking (launched at BlackHat Las Vegas ’15)

AppSec for Developer (secure coding & offensive app testing)

Offensive loT Exploitation

Advanced Mobile Exploitation


Latest Course Released from BlackHat 2015


The largest Hacking Training this year at BlackHat, Advanced Infrastructure Hacking is a 4-5 day (subject to requirement) of intensive training in Windows, Linux, VLAN hopping, VolP et al hacking.


November 10 2015 –Trofi Security and NotSoSecure Partner to Enhance Penetration Testing Practice

October 19 – 21 2015

Ruxcon –Advanced Infrastructure Hacking Training, Melbourne Australia – October 2015

November 10-13 2015

BlackHat – Advanced Infrastructure Hacking Training 12-day fast-paced version), Amsterdam, November 2015.


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Advanced Infrastructure Hacking

AppSec for Developers

Offensive IoT Exploitation

Advanced Mobile Exploitation